Monday, December 7, 2009

Im New to dis but Imma be true to dis...

Yo Check it...Hey Yall!!!!!!! I been needing a blog for so long now (phew) you don't even know! and quite frankly I'm glad i got another spot besides Twitter (follow me cuz @DdotBop) where I can rant and say what I want and not get shut down by the 140 character limit! So what it do? i guess I can introduce myself I'm Diddy, Diddy Bop, Didderz, Didith, Bop, DiddyMarie, Bopz, D. Bop, you know call it what you want but Im Diddy! I think my life is pretty interesting and so many other people think so too! Im excited to share it with you so on ur mark...get set...lets go BOO!!!!

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