Thursday, January 21, 2010

GoodBye 2009

When we first met I knew you were mine up until my birthday we did nothing but shine u loved me and cared and never for a moment did I feel u weren't there, as we lay at night and u held me tight I knew nothing could make us fight,
As April came shit jus wast the same you out all night I knew something wasn't right...and that's when I found it...and my heart and everything I had for u took the biggest hit why 2009 why???
You fought me tryin to make me understand with nothin but blood on ur hands....and yet you cited me for actions you decided and silly old me jus kept quiet...
To ease my pain and seek revenge and mend my heart that took the toll I had to mess wit Rock and Roll...he pleased me and eased me made everything seem ok couldn't wait to see him the next day, rock and roll gave me my life until I got a message from his wife, "Do unto others as they do unto you" never did I ever feel that was true! Though Karma makes its rounds and I couldn't afford to go down
Still dealin wit the pain decreased went my weight gain 2009 why this time, tryin to make it work wit u time and time I feel like a fool, I lost my cool along wit my job, house, car, friends and sanity but I always stayed so Danity "Never let them see u sweat" is something I will never forget
As things got worse I went to jail and swore I seen hell, stayin intoxicated my actions so fabricated, my frustration smearing smolder u were supposed to be my beholder!
2009 u jus killin my shine! So hurt I became and my name is mad fame. I'm like a crinkled dollar tryin to get through to you. You keep spittin me out. Imma iron this out cause in the beginning I told u, u were mine!
I got my feelings hurt and I definitely hurt some some that didn't deserve it...but I didn't give a spit, I was dealin wit this 2009 shit,
As I sit and reflect your somethin I will never regret, "No pain last forever" and I'm far more than clever
My weeping endured for the night...But my joy came when I seen the light
2009 I can't do u again...but I'm glad to introduce u to 2010


  1. Wow...DEEP! HOT but most of all so REAL!

    2009 definetly was an eye opener, heart and spirit breaker!
    Full of suprises, choices and mad confusion?
    A real maturing, women making experience!
    Don't know how I made it through, but I'm glad I did!
    Now I wear a sheild that guards my heart, glasses that clears my vision. Life is more serious except for fri, sat and sun nights!
    Feel like a solider wearing armor and ready for war!
    Ready to fight and welcoming 2010 in my life. Its knocking at the door! Experiencing last years pain, losing and letting go of things I thought would last forever. I couldn't see the light. But like an eye of a storm, GOD always guides me through. so I will continue to follow the light.............
    GOOBYE 2009 and HELLO 2010

  2. WOW I can feel every emotion you put in this blog boo! Sad to say, I'd rather them be much more positive. But with life, you never know what cards you will be're NEVER a weak soul, I can tell. I admire all the ups and downs you go many times I wanted to give up and thought of you. For so many years, I seen you experience the best and the worst; life must go on, thats what I've learned. I'm not sure what the outcome is going to be but I want nothing but happiness to set you free!
    I love you Diddy B.

    Come get me so you can carry me on your hip! *smile*