Thursday, May 13, 2010


WRAPPER (rap-er)/noun: a person or thing that wraps, a covering or cover, a long, loose outer garment.

RAPPER (rap-er)/noun: a person or thing that raps or knocks, the knocker of a door, Slang: a person who chats or talks, esp. freely, a person who performs rap music, esp. professionally.

OK now that we know the meanings lets get into it.....

So last night I was at an Open Mic...and I couldn't help but to grab my Blackberry and get it off my chest...

OK let me take a moment to go in on u "WRAPPERS" I'm so beyond over and tired of everybody waking up and wanting to be a RAPPER! I respect RAPPERS that been doin this, the ones that are KNOWN for really SPITTIN and sayin some real shit not just screamin on the mic making noises! You "WRAPPERS" that woke up and made 2 words Rhyme now u on ur shit cause u think its ur time PA LEEEZZE U suckas aint worked for nothin ur rhymes is a lie I knew u was Bluffin (see how easy it is) lol.
Now I respect it if this is what u do as a hobby, for venting purposes, doin something positive and constructive with ur time I ain't mad do you boo, but if you been "WRAPPIN" for the last 15 years and ain't got a deal, or a meal...time to get a job! If you over 18 never SPIT in ur life woke up noticed that spittin is a trend stop it cause u jus tryin to blend! If you are of any age and you ain't doin nothin wit ur life but tryin to be the NEXT big thing...Have a back up plan to back up the back up plan is all I'm sayin! Have a goal, go to school, u aint too cool...rift raft on that math and find the right path :)
I believe people are Blessed wit the talent it don't jus happen, you can do Everything 50 did step by step but that may not be Gods plan for u, Homie got shot how many times? God kept him around for something!
I would never knock another persons hustle cause we in this together we all gotta struggle, but im tired of "Mixtape comin this summer" I mean why? What are you lyrically sayin? What makes you different from that next dude tatted up jus like you?
WRAPPERS are blinded by the light all they want is the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes, get they girl a fake nose....I suppose they jus wanna be, they jus wanna be a WRAPPER....

"It Aint for Everybody" -Jay-Z


  1. That's what's up.... I was thinking the same thing last saturday at the red Sea.. Extra Whack!! You got some Rap skills.. So when is your Mix tape dropping.. i think your better than half the ppl I heard the other night.. LOL

  2. I totally agree with you. Tons of people do music for trendy reasons, and never understand the value and power that music has. This is serious business.